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Earth fault monitoring

Modular Earth Fault Location System

Earth faults in medium-voltage networks can quickly lead to line overheating and, as a result of overvoltages, to insulation faults. To be able to detect earth faults quickly and to guarantee constant monitoring, we use earth fault monitoring.

The EFL 10 earth fault location system is a universal system used to locate a faulty busbar feeder in medium-voltage systems. It consists of a variable number of field devices. The field devices can be connected individually or to form a complete system. The interconnection is done using a bus connection (CAN bus). The control panel of the field device is removable and can be installed in the cabinet door.

Advantages of the modular earth-fault location system:

  • The universal system with two locating methods
  • Suitable for medium-voltage networks as well as for extinguished and isolated networks
  • Suitable for meshed networks and radiant networks
  • Decentralised or centralised installation possible

Storage of Measurement Data

Measurement data are stored as individual data records. These are provided with a timestamp and a consecutive data record number. The readout of the measurement data is done with the EFL 10 communication software. Up to 1500 data records can be stored in one field device. Afterwards, the oldest data record is overwritten.

In the overall system, the recording of the data sets is synchronised by field device 01 as the master. In this way, the measurement data is recorded in all field devices at the same time with the same data record number. When readout, the data records are compiled into a total data record. Therefore, the recording of up to 1500 data sets is also possible here.

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