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Special products

SPC – Sorbent
Very clean – Very absorbent – Very safe – Very Low disposal costs – Not harmful to health!

At compact electric you can obtain a wide variety of different oil binders, universal binders and chemical binders – all SPC nonwoven binders – for numerous applications.
The materials consist of very light and absorbent non-woven binding fibres made of polypropylene. They are available in various types for the safe clean-up of spills and oil spills on land and on water.

Why are clean and dry workplaces important?

  • Causes of workplace accidents: slips, trips, falls
  • An average of 11 sick days per occupational accident
  • Average costs of EUR 37,000 per accident
  • 70% of accidents at work occur on flat surfaces

All oil binding agents, universal and chemical binders are:
Dust-free – Lightweight – Absorbent and hard-wearing – Do not mould

  • The materials do not create dust and lint, little or not at all (depending on the model)
  • Very low own weight and therefore low disposal costs
  • Within a few seconds, 12 to 25 times its own weight in liquid is absorbed – depending on the liquid. (Granules absorb only 1.5 times their own weight)
  • The melt-blown polypropylene fibres (bonding fleeces) have an enormously large surface to be able to absorb a lot of liquid
  • This is why they can be used for long periods at workplaces – without any safety restrictions
  • Only a little replacement of materials is necessary (e.g. for rolls, mats, cloths)
  • Long shelf life, does not rot, no mould formation

Can be used in industry, laboratories, workshops, maritime shipping, sewage treatment plants, etc.

Our oil binding agents and universal and chemical binding fleeces are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well as for marine applications, e.g. for maintenance and servicing with low and high foot traffic, for walkways with low and high foot traffic, for production areas with high foot traffic and low defibration tendency, for laboratories or for cleaning hazardous chemicals with low defibration tendency, especially for waters with high resistance and absorbency, for sewage and filter plants with high absorbency and very low defibration tendency.


Imagine any equipment item on your site:

  • How do you know if this item is safe to use?
  • When was it last tested?
  • How can you clearly identify it among the multitude of similar equipment items on the site?

When up-to-date information is not available, most people tend to make assumptions. And such assumptions can lead to decisions that are potentially harmful to both people and the company. Therefore, the identity, maintenance and inspection status of any piece of equipment are extremely important.

Visual security control systems?

Visual safety control systems serve the following purposes:

  • They clearly display the current inspection and test status of equipment directly at the point of use.
  • They record an audit trail of the most recent maintenance, testing and inspection work performed.
  • They provide clear identification of equipment.
  • They support compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • They ensure fewer accidents in the workplace.

We provide visual safety inspection systems for work at height, plant, vehicles, machinery and tools, workplace inspection, and processing and pipework.

In 1983, the first innovative visual safety systems for scaffolding were introduced to the market. Since then, the brand name "Scafftag®" has been used as a synonym for inspection marking of scaffolds.

Since that time, various tags and brackets have been developed for maintenance and inspection management, such as for:

  • Ladders
  • Lifting devices
  • Forklifts
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Mobile towers and masts
  • Steps and step stools
  • Machinery and electrical equipment
  • Safety harnesses and
  • Lockout / tag-out devices

Control and signaling devices

Our control and signalling devices provide the ideal solution for any switching problem. Our switches and push buttons work according to innovative technologies and are characterised by modern design. Function-inhibiting contact contamination or burn-off is no longer an issue with our devices, and even small powers can be switched without any problems.

Among other things, we offer:

  • Emergency stop switch
  • Piezo push-button
  • Push-button with signal lamp
  • Mushroom push-button
  • Key or rotary switch

Let us advise you and convince you of our command and signalling devices!

Standard and special lamps

Using the right lamps is an important prerequisite for safety. We, therefore, offer a wide range of standard and special lamps:

  • Signal and special lamps
  • Small and halogen lamps
  • Car and telecommunications lamps
  • Microscope and multi-LED lamps

We are sure to have the right lamp for every requirement. For more information or to order lamps, simply contact us here.

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