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Interface cars and modules

The plug-in card AKÜ2 is used for continuity monitoring in the opening circuit of circuit breakers. The signalling logic of the plug-in card can be programmed for either 1-channel or 2-channel operation by means of a dual in-line switch.

With the 1-channel logic, the signalling logic monitors the current flow through measuring circuit 1 and signals a fault, if no current flows. The second input acts as a blockade with which the fault message can be suppressed, if it is not desired due to the condition of the system.

With the 2-channel logic, the blockade input is given the function of a second measuring input. The card thus reports faults when both inputs are without current flow.

Circuit monitoring relay RIG-B-10/30

The circuit monitoring relays of the "RIG- ..." series are used to signal a current flow in the breaking circuit of circuit breakers and have an extremely short response time of only about 3 ms. The RIG-B-10/30 is suitable for off-circuit coils in the power range from 100W to 300W (at 200VDC), the response value is 60W.

The injected current is conducted via a load resistor so that a high level of safety against interruption of the current path in the event of an overload is provided.

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