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Micro annunciator systems

Small annunciator systems: modular annunciator systems

A large part of the causes of malfunctions lies in the peripheral area of a machine or system. This means that faults usually occur at the interface between the control system and the sensors or actuators. Therefore, annunciator systems take on the task of detecting inadmissible operating states and reporting a precise and quick statement about the current state of the system to the technician or the system operator.

The SMP annunciator system has a modular design and consists of the central module and a variable number of annunciator modules that can be cascaded according to the required number of messages.

The system consists of:

  • lamp outputs for individual messages
  • a summation signalling contact
  • a horn contact with acknowledgement
  • a lamp test input

A fault is indicated by the flashing of the individual message.

Lamp Test Module

Incoming fault messages are connected to the input of the lamp test module. The signal lamps are connected to the outputs. As soon as a message is present at the input, the corresponding indicator lamp lights up. The lamp test module combines several functions in only one module.

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