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Mains and system protection

GS-Protection: Grid and system protection

GS protection (grid and system protection) is required for generation systems in medium and low-voltage grids and has the task of disconnecting the generation systems from the grid in the event of impermissible voltage and frequency values. Due to an ever-increasing number of small decentralised feed-in plants (photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power plants), grid stability can be negatively affected. The GS protection has the task of disconnecting the decentralised generation plants from the grid in the event of an unstable utility grid (grid voltage or grid frequency too high) and only connecting them automatically when grid stability is achieved. In addition, the GS protection is intended to protect generators and transformers and prevent unintentional island grids.

Compact Electric offers GS protection devices (CDMR-51, CDMRE-100) with a customer-specific parameterisation for the grid-parallel operation of photovoltaic or power plants. We parameterise the device according to customer specifications and deliver it with a specific measurement and test protocol on request.

We offer the following GS protection models:

  • Universal and digital mains monitoring relays according to ÖVE 8001-4-712, TOR-D4 and VDE-AR-N 4105 for panel mounting and / or top-hat rail mounting.
  • Analogue mains monitoring relays
  • Digital synchronising check relays
  • Digital synchronising relays
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